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News: Maintenance clients

Muller Dairies

Cerberus has ongoing responsibility for all the physical security equipment with one of the UK’s largest employers (4,500+). Muller Dairies, who now incorporate Weisman and Nom Dairies, process and distribute 30% of the fresh milk consumed in Britain every day. That’s a lot of milk. That’s a lot of cows. And that’s a lot of security to ensure the nation’s workers can go to work on a bowl of cornflakes and a cup of coffee. At more than two hundred locations across the country we supply and maintain thousands of metres of fencing, gates, turnstiles, interlock barriers, weigh bridge safety systems and all other aspects of access control. No spilt milk here.

Kings College Waterloo

“Sports Soft” biometric gym membership system developed for 12 gyms around the country including Waterloo and Bishop Storford.
Ah yes, the great dates of British history, we all know them don’t we? 1066 (Hastings), 1805 (Trafalgar), er … 1966 anyone? (Bobby Moore and co). And as any school child worth his or her salt will tell you; 1815 (Waterloo). The Duke of Wellington founded Kings College Waterloo in 1832 and as the bicentennial of his finest hour approaches it was fitting that members of the Waterloo 200 team should be holding their promotional event at the college this month.
Cerberus were there too of course. We were busy installing a gym sports software system complete with biometrics, thus helping to ensure the health and fitness of the nation’s youth. We’re sure the Iron Duke would have approved. We’ve already put the same system in place in twelve other gyms across the country thus making 2013 another history-making year for the UK!

East Midlands Airport Maintenance Contract

We are very pleased to say we have once again been awarded the annual maintenance contract to cover all the barriers from landside to airside. This is the fifth year in succession. The Elka ES60 barriers with high bar curtains were initially installed in December 2005 on a trial basis, they have worked faultlessly ever since with typically 500 individual access operations per night. The roll out program Cerberus initiated then has now been completed bringing the total to around 20 barriers installed to date.

Manchester Airport Maintenance Contract

Building on the success and our relationship with EMAA, Cerberus has just been awarded for the second year, the maintenance contract for all the land side gates, bollards and barriers at this international airport. Cerberus has also supplied and installed 5 sets of automated gates over the last year and the associated Palisade fencing of some 200 metres.