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News: Parking revenue clients

York Holiday Inn

It’s all happening in Yorkshire. Following the success of last summer’s tourist boom it was recently announced that in July 2014 two legs of the Tour de France will be hosted in the region. If you fancy heading up there with your bikes on the roof rack where better to base yourself than York’s Holiday Inn hotel? You’ll certainly have no worries about leaving your vehicle in the hotel car park as you don your spandex and set out to emulate Mister Wiggins and co because we’ve just finished installing a complete Amano parking system, fully configured with two sliding gates. As an additional measure we’ve put in a floor to ceiling mesh that discourages pigeons and vagrants too..

Carlisle Truck Stop

Cerberus were very pleased to be chosen by CAPITA SYMONDS, to supply and install the new integrated parking system to Night Owl Truck Stops, Carlisle location. Cerberus worked closely with Birse Construction with whom they have a long standing involvement, having installed barriers at a number of sites, including installing access control to their head office in Cheadle and Birse nuclear offices in Hull.
The Truck Stop system consisted of three new road blockers giving a high level of security and a revenue system to manage and control HGV traffic around the site. Cerberus chose and awarded Amano the contract to supply its latest Xparc system. The system manages the revenue collection scheme consisting of 2 entry lanes, 1 exit lane, 1 pay station with Chip & Pin Credit Card, central cashier and central server. Cerberus installed and integrated the Amano system with the road blockers to create a seamless system from the client perspective.

Cerberus as an N.I.C.E.I.C Approved Contractor also supplied and installed the mains and communications cabling for the project.

Walsall Manor Hospital Trust

In 2006 Cerberus Installed the staff access and ID system for over 3000 staff and have been the trusted service provider for this system and the car parking POF revenue system since. Cerberus Services were initially employed directly by the Hospital Trust and then by Skanska Facilities and Construction as the PFI scheme moved forward, to assist with outgoing work to keep both the staff and revenue systems working as the new hospital was built. Now it is near its projected completion date at the end of May, Cerberus Services has been chosen to supply and install the new POF system. For this project we have chosen The Zeag range of equipment. Once the build and installation are complete, we then start our five year maintenance program for facilities company SRW.