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Manchester Airport

Fairies Gate Manchester Airport
Wednesday November 13 2013 was a day much anticipated by readers of Fortean Times magazine. The publication, which of course dallies in the world of strange phenomena, was reporting this to be the day NASA was going to announce something that would ‘shake the planet’. Readers were spellbound. What could it be? Maybe a recovered UFO? Evidence of life on Mars perhaps, or better still, the discovery of a wormhole gateway to the other side of the universe? Alas no, it was none of the above. Sadly the FT readers were all victims of an elaborate internet hoax, and yet in all the excitement the real news of the day was missed.

Renovation work on a gateway of a different kind, at Britain’s third busiest airport, was being completed by Cerberus. The 44 metre wide Fairies Gate at Manchester Ringway is Europe’s largest sliding, cantilevered gate. We are proud to announce that some two decades after the installation of this unique and eye-catching structure we’ve ensured its use for at least another twenty years. The truth is out there people. You just have to know where to look.

Vitaflo International

Vitaflo International are specialists in clinical nutrition. They use cutting edge research and high end process edge technology to keep ahead of the game. Quality control is of paramount importance in all areas of operation. When they wanted 40 metres of palisade fencing and a 10 metre security gate they naturally turned to Cerberus and we duly delivered.

N.I.C.E.I.C Approved Contractor

We are pleased to announce that Cerberus Services Limited is a fully fledged member of the N.I.C.E.I.C organisation and has been awarded Approved Electrical Contractor status.
Full accreditation to the “NICEIC” was achieved in October 2008 and enabled us to provide and complete a much wider range of work and services. The ability to install electrical systems and subsequently test and issue the Required Documentation and certificates allows us to provide our clients with a complete turnkey package for their projects. Equally importantly this service is included at little or no further cost. As only one company controls all aspects there are savings in both time and money by not have to having to organise and appoint other contractors.
As well as providing these additional services on our own projects, we are happy to offer a wide range of electrical services such as:
Industrial & commercial electrical installations
Electrical breakdown & fault finding
Electrical maintenance, (ad hoc or contract)
Periodic inspection & test reports
Pat Testing
Domestic electrical installations & Re-wiring (part P)
Over the years that Cerberus services have been trading the business has moved from strength to strength, building up a strong and loyal client list. We hope that this further enhancement to our already comprehensive service, will provide our clients with a further practical resource.

Cerberus – Futuristic Gates in 2027 Film

“Children of Men” released on 22 September 2006 in the UK
American-British science fiction film directed by Alfonso Cuarón and set in 2027
Cerberus was commissioned to supply Palisade Gates for this amazing film! Many aspects were designed to balance a contemporary and futuristic appearance, cars were made to resemble modern ones at first glance, although a closer look made them seem unfamiliar. Our Palisade Gates fitted in perfectly, we installed and automated the four gates for the production.
Obviously this was a job for the Boss. He felt he had to be on set at all times and for the entire shoot. The hospitality van had to bring in extra baps!
Filming took place at Aldershot Army barracks. April 28, 2005 – Amid rumours that Clive Owen was to be the next James Bond. The film was released on 22 September 2006 in the UK.