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York Holiday Inn

It’s all happening in Yorkshire. Following the success of last summer’s tourist boom it was recently announced that in July 2014 two legs of the Tour de France will be hosted in the region. If you fancy heading up there with your bikes on the roof rack where better to base yourself than York’s Holiday Inn hotel? You’ll certainly have no worries about leaving your vehicle in the hotel car park as you don your spandex and set out to emulate Mister Wiggins and co because we’ve just finished installing a complete Amano parking system, fully configured with two sliding gates. As an additional measure we’ve put in a floor to ceiling mesh that discourages pigeons and vagrants too..

Kings College Waterloo

“Sports Soft” biometric gym membership system developed for 12 gyms around the country including Waterloo and Bishop Storford.
Ah yes, the great dates of British history, we all know them don’t we? 1066 (Hastings), 1805 (Trafalgar), er … 1966 anyone? (Bobby Moore and co). And as any school child worth his or her salt will tell you; 1815 (Waterloo). The Duke of Wellington founded Kings College Waterloo in 1832 and as the bicentennial of his finest hour approaches it was fitting that members of the Waterloo 200 team should be holding their promotional event at the college this month.
Cerberus were there too of course. We were busy installing a gym sports software system complete with biometrics, thus helping to ensure the health and fitness of the nation’s youth. We’re sure the Iron Duke would have approved. We’ve already put the same system in place in twelve other gyms across the country thus making 2013 another history-making year for the UK!

Manchester Airport

Fairies Gate Manchester Airport
Wednesday November 13 2013 was a day much anticipated by readers of Fortean Times magazine. The publication, which of course dallies in the world of strange phenomena, was reporting this to be the day NASA was going to announce something that would ‘shake the planet’. Readers were spellbound. What could it be? Maybe a recovered UFO? Evidence of life on Mars perhaps, or better still, the discovery of a wormhole gateway to the other side of the universe? Alas no, it was none of the above. Sadly the FT readers were all victims of an elaborate internet hoax, and yet in all the excitement the real news of the day was missed.

Renovation work on a gateway of a different kind, at Britain’s third busiest airport, was being completed by Cerberus. The 44 metre wide Fairies Gate at Manchester Ringway is Europe’s largest sliding, cantilevered gate. We are proud to announce that some two decades after the installation of this unique and eye-catching structure we’ve ensured its use for at least another twenty years. The truth is out there people. You just have to know where to look.

Pilkington Glass

Pilkington Glass – Biometric control access system
Curious place, Pilkington’s. Did you know the nearby canal from where they draw water used in the glass making process is called ‘The Hotties’ because when this water is pumped back into the canal it’s warm enough to support tropical fish. Local fishermen tell tales of all sorts of exotic creatures being pulled from its murky depths. Good job we’ve got our biometric access system with its 7 metre sliding gate working then!

Vitaflo International

Vitaflo International are specialists in clinical nutrition. They use cutting edge research and high end process edge technology to keep ahead of the game. Quality control is of paramount importance in all areas of operation. When they wanted 40 metres of palisade fencing and a 10 metre security gate they naturally turned to Cerberus and we duly delivered.